Upgrade acne popping tool & nail cleaner kit

New upgrade kit are acne remove and manicure care perfect combination. Upgrade kit includes: 2 acne needles,1 blemish extractors(3 types pimple extraction) , 3 types acne tweezers, 2 nail care. The blackhead removal kit with 8 pieces tools helps you remove impurities in your face, such as blemish, acne, blackhead, pimple, without leaving any scar. The curved flat end of nail cleaner can perfectly push the skin back flawlessly as its sharp edge can cut or scrape away dead cuticle.

  • UPC: 714874218415
  • UPC: 714874218415
  • UPC: 714874218415
  • 【8-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOOL SET】: A unique pimple popper tool kit includes blackhead removal kit with 6 tools and 2 tool of nail cleaner to meet your different needs of both facial care and nail cuticle push in daily life.
  • ESBY049AB_TBUS_B2_V01_180129
  • Special curved needle

    It’s a upgrade needle after straight needle. Bend needle suitable for smaller pimples or blackhead. It can effectively prevent needles from penetrating into skin deeply.

    Easy to use: It has two end design so you can use one needle to finish blackhead remove.

    1. Breaking small pimple through side way(no straight )

    2. Using another end (blemish extractors) to remove the pimple

    Tips: We don’t suggest use any blackhead remover tool before the acne matured.

  • ESBY049AB_TBUS_B4_V01_180129ESBY049AB_TBUS_B3_V01_180129
  • 【BLACKHEAD REMOVAL KIT】: Includes 1 upgraded version of special curved needle and 1 lancing needle, 3 tweezers(nose tweezers, acne tweezers & zit tweezers) with different shapes and 1 blemish extractors (include 3 types for normal ,stubborn ,large area acne) , easy to remove impurities such as acne, blackhead, pimple, etc.
  • 【PREMIUIM HYGEIAN MATERIAL】: Made of high grade rust-free stainless steel, sturdy and durable to use, solve your facial and nail problem by minimizing the risk of infection, helpful to maintain healthy skin and beautiful fingers.
  • 【EASY CARRYING STORAGE BAG】: Zit tool kit comes with a zippered on-the-go storage bag to separate your skin tools for face from dust, protect your tools from being scratched, thus prolonging the life span, also convenient to carry when travelling.
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  • 【CUTICLE PUSHER AND NAIL CLEANER】: Package includes 1 triangle cuticle pusher remover tool, 1 double ended cuticle pusher cutter and spoon nail cleaner. Professional cuticle pusher spoon and cutter for cuticle pusher, help you to remove nail polish and dead skin from your fingers.
  • ESBY049AB_TBUS_B6_V01_180129



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